Lexington Avenue Express

Woodlawn | 4 NYCB

fade to black: Daily adventures of NYC's Beautiful Disaster...

BLG Culture Shock: This gal has found a new outlet.

agendacide: n obsessive-compulsive montage of digital pictures, rants, and general fodder, (3500 miles from Hoodlawn, and always looking for an excuse to go back).

inhabit corners: anthrobabble as applied to my life

Mosholu Parkway | 3 NYCB

RedHeadDread: "Perpetually unfocused. Rambles, rants, recipes, raves, runons..."

my sob, sad, happy existence: the lighter side of my life, for the most part.

shattered: A haven for me to vent and rant about the drama in my life. There's always intriguing blogs here.

Bedford Park Boulevard - Lehman College | 3 NYCB

Room 122: We are students in Communications 218, a journalism class at Lehman College. Our classroom is in Room 122. This course is part of the Summer Arts Festival of College Now, a program designed to help high school students earn college credits. Every day, we report and write articles about our program, the school and the neighborhood.

ai: pulling data from the fourth dimension

Language and the Internet: The blog of the New York City Writing Project's Summer 2002 Advanced Institute

Kingsbridge Road | 4 NYCB

Sequel to Summons: Another does of what's inside my twisted mind..

fewscrewsloose: Trivial rantings from a girl not so next door.

JAC-off: This is my rants, raves and all around thoughts, if anyone cares

thatbitch.com: baby's young & gifted, brown & black, pierced & inked...its the consistently inconsistent writings of the actress / writer / bartender / designer / phone sex operator, and all around devastating soulquarian huny c. young.

Fordham Road | 0 NYCB

183 Street | 1 NYCB

nyceducation: Daily reflections on being a middle school literacy teacher in the Bronx

Burnside Avenue | 0 NYCB

176 Street | 3 NYCB

My Thoughts!: Just My Thoughts!

The Bronx Blogger: Items of interest, opinions, and some analysis.

xLaDy_DeVil's Site: me and my sad life...

Mt Eden Avenue | 0 NYCB

170 Street | 2 NYCB

Junk Feud: Entertainment news MY way.

ms. frizzle: The adventures of a science teacher in a small public middle school in the Bronx. Apologies to Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen, creators of the Magic School Bus series and the original Ms. Frizzle.

167 Street | 0 NYCB

161 Street - Yankee Stadium | 13 NYCB

MademwazelleNYC: Life of a french girl in NYC

mecrazyme: Just a tid bit of my creativity, every day life and much more

DA BRONX BOMBERS: Humorous News About The New York Yankees With Photo Illustrations

161 and River Ave.: Cotton Candy. Yankees. Extreme Anger.

Unbiased Yankee Fan: Where to get a completely objective view of New York Yankees baseball.

more blogs »

149 Street-Grand Concourse | 0 NYCB

138 Street | 0 NYCB

125 Street | 10 NYCB

Cinamon Candy: Da Elite Street Urban Musik Site

Fat Lady Walking: A blog about fatness, fitness and finding yourself.

The Fink File: by Homer Fink Publisher, Altruist, AMERICAN --- Boobies, games, LEFTY DOGMA.

NemesisBecoming: Ramblings, writings and reflections of "An Undervalued Asset About To Go Public"

Rap News: Exposing your favorite rappers since 2005.

more blogs »

116 Street | 16 NYCB

sing like building: indie music thoughts, radio playlist, and music happenings of alias pail

Jen Is Famous Dot Com: Jennifer Dziura is a funny comedian.

Lean Left: Political and social commentary from a liberal perspective. (Group blog; one blogger from Manhattan, others from Tennessee, of all places.)

Cracked Pots: Celebrating the Divine in the Daily. Reflecting Out Loud on Life, Faith & Culture.

Carolyn Castiglia - Undiscovered Superstar: A place for my thoughts to resonate in the sound bank of the world, rocking the comic flow of life until a new era of peace appears and fat girls are fashionable again.

more blogs »

110 Street | 9 NYCB

Above the Doorframe: A look at life in East Harlem through the eyes of a full-time graduate student/part-time real estate mogul.

Becoming: A Journal of Changes

Plate Of The Day: Plate of the day food blog is all about the experiences associated with cooking and eating food.

B. Fee: now with more fun updates!

exhibit 5a: Photography, some design commentary and whatever else flits through my head.

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103 Street | 10 NYCB

The Assimilated Negro: What's black and white and read all over? The Assimilated Negro Dot Com !

manyhighways.com: Not asking for directions.

nycblog: Whatever I feel like putting up at a given moment goes up. Politics, New York bitching, my life, blah blah blah...

Monochrome Lights: Click Diary to read my blog--I may be changing it soon so that's why I linked directly to my site.

K-Blog: The elation and frustration of being a 6', 170 lb. singer/songwriter with a 9-5 in non-profit marketing, who started in Texas and has landed in New York, loves soccer & flamenco, and hates pumpkin pie.

more blogs »

96 Street | 43 NYCB

Sweet & Vicious: I'm 25. I'm Indian. I bank by day, party by night and fit school in on the weekends. I also travel--A LOT. So lots of cool pictures and funny anecdotes.

PepGiraffe Production: The Voyages of the Starship PepGiraffe (this is a PepGiraffe Production)

James@EAG goes to NYC: A Texas native move to New York. The cool and odd bits about it.

Blognitive Dissonance: Non-representational art done my way.

Lila Feels Funny: Online writing exercise for one terminally bored New Yorker.

more blogs »

86 Street | 121 NYCB

The Accuser: The Accuser means to show the falsity of all religion, expose liars and hypocrites, depose kings and despots, and spread democracy. Diderot put it best: Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.

The Memo Spot: Inspirational words have found their way into prose, poetry, song and essay. And now in the memo...

Logged Hours: All the inane stuff you talk about in your NYC office, but probably way more interesting than your coworkers.

too saucy: A little melange of NYC life, politics, media criticism and dating

New York Moments: A blog by a unique, contentedly single, neurotic, hetero but curious, sex-crazed New York woman experiencing an early mid-life crisis. You’ll find anecdotes about real-life New York moments, personal reflections, inspirational musings, rants, jokes, erotica, and a hodge podge of other stuff.

more blogs »

77 Street | 76 NYCB

greenolive4: a big ole rant fest

hollieg.com: An expose of my dog, my neighborhood, my job, and my belligerent friends as we ride the bullet train to 30

NYC Nova Hunter: Interested in nature with a focus on birding and astronomy.

be a lot cooler if you did: no seriously

Savvy Intrapreneur: For people who strive to raise the bar of excellence in themselves and other people around them.

more blogs »

68 Street - Hunter College | 50 NYCB

Vertical Eyebrows: my self-indulgent corner of the web

eastsidegirl: One Couple. One 350 sq ft Apartment. 245 Days Until the Wedding. Will They Survive?

Bergers and More: Bergers & More is about the Bergers, what we eat, where we eat and how we feel about what we've eaten. Since we are named after one of the ultimate foods, we'll talk about Burgers (or Bergers!) a lot.

KvetchThis.com: Kvetching about life: by 3 jews from across the country

I Pretty Much Hate Everything: The Point of view of a bitter, bitter human.

more blogs »

59 Street | 26 NYCB

Simply Left Behind: Liberal politics and snarkasm

Irie Member: All things reggae, hip-hop music, herbalz, Jamaica and random thoughts & consequences of daily life. Yea.

Post Collegiate Ponderings: Post collegiate life in the big city.

Kali's Temple of Doom: The mad, mad rantings of a Brooklyn woman, looking for redemption in all the wrong places -- plus recipes, reading, arts and culture, travel and ocassional obsessions masquerading as social commentary...

my favorite mistakes: life, love, and leftovers

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51 Street | 33 NYCB

Websites, Mashups and more: This blog is about my thoughts on interesting websites, mashup technologies and latest trends. It is also my gateway to post recent updates of my websites, useful code snipts and discuss new ideas

neenotchka online: thoughts and musings about my life in NYC

Midweekpost: Eric Yang. Unscripted.

Jeff's Weather Blog: Weather News on Hurricanes, New York Weather and cool pictures

BallroomPsycho: Just me in the city eating food and doing crafts.

more blogs »

Grand Central - 42 Street | 68 NYCB

sporgan in the city: adventures--mostly drunken--of a 23 year old former texan

The7Magazine.com: it's a hip online magazine for urban lifestyle.

Every thing that Matters: ruminations of an avid reader of good literature, fierce appreciator of fine wine, an un-understandable passion for hollywood gossip, a foodie with a dwindling attention span

Gotham Girl: a girl's adventures and the going's on in New York City!

Homosexual Suspect: Homosexual Suspect: to be unabashedly aware that you are in control of your destiny, your sex drive, and your cable provider; one who makes everyone around wonder who or what he's thinking of fucking next.

more blogs »

33 Street | 46 NYCB

NYco - Nico's blog in NY: My experience in NY. In French.

The Realm of Moz: Quarter-Life Confessionals of an Urban Dweller......

T Girl: A post undergrad girl's account of weekends, thoughts, and sometimes even work.

The Best Damn Tech Stock Blog: Forum to discuss Technology, Investing, and Sports.

P1UON: Knitting and crafting blog

more blogs »

28 Street | 35 NYCB

Bettytron XL2000: Ramblings and reviews from a silly self-centered girl, who updates more often that she should.

Cheapfoodelicious: Having moved from one great food city (Chicago) to another (NYC), it's time to start anew. First order of business: hunt down the best in cheap food stalls, dives and delis. "Ethnic restaurants", as my mom called Indian, Thai and Japanese, are my favorite, so the list will likely be heavily weighted toward Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. Don't forget to chew, and enjoy!

Ruvym's Rant: The often mindless, and sometimes mindful, banter of a native New Yorker working through NYU Law.

The Culture Politic: Marshall McLuhan said of the copy machine that "Gutenberg made everybody a reader. Xerox makes everybody a publisher." The Internet has done just as much, if not more, to transform the way that we think and communicate as did the technological shifts of McLuhan's day. The mission of The Culture Politic is to use show that the internet has made everyone a writer. So write. And read. And be published.

Goeres: PhotoBlog-One: A photoblog of city sights -- inside & outside.

more blogs »

23 Street | 56 NYCB

Cast Aspersions: grave threats are my favorite kind

Gotham Image: Politics and current events, plus city matters and other stuff.

Ginsberg's House: Snarky comments on pop culture, politics, and the continuing adventures of a Midwestern dancing diva turned "writer" and Manhattanite.

The Cheese Sandwich: Cheese digests all but itself. Mity Cheese.

cannedjam: daily posts, humor, journal, anything that pops into my head

more blogs »

14 Street - Union Square | 120 NYCB

WebMachiavelli: Just a daily jumble that is my life. Not to mention the name dropping and adventures of a bartender on the edge.

Brand Noise: A blog about brands and the evolution of advertising.

COACD: confessions of a casting director, models, gossip, gay and more

The Way Things Are: personal blog and pop culture news

girlbomb: A feminist writer volunteers at the shelter where she used to live; also reviews books, rants, dotes on her cats, and occasionally acknowledges things like global politics and reality TV.

more blogs »

Astor Place | 116 NYCB

Avocado Fever: My life in NYC and beyond, with a lot of pics of my growing niece and a whole lotta stuff about alpacas and knitting.

memos to the void: banging Brecht's hammer in the name of ART & stirring up shitstorms all the way from the vacuous vacuum of the upper east side, all around the LES, & across the midwest!

This Place is Dead Anyway: 28 year old disgruntled profession waxes phrophetic on such topics as "Why I want to marry Bea Arthur" and "Why I am a horrible person and deserve to be poor."

Aesthetically Obsessed: The life of a gay expat. It's both mundanely boring and supremely interesting at the same time.

New York Hotlist: We are the site that is all about NYC. Short sweet and to the point.

more blogs »

Bleecker Street | 35 NYCB

Inside NYC: Inside the life of a New York Crime Detective.

alesch supermundane: my photos and art work. nyc and abroad. musings on nothing special.

roaming fees may apply: tech rants, raves, and info you probably don't care about but you can't resist.

FASHION ADDICT DIARY: Obsessive, self-indulgent and unapologetically shallow

Sivacracy.net: Politics, intellectual property, books, music, strange stuff.

more blogs »

Spring Street | 21 NYCB

No More Spots: The sad, lonely confessions of a person who has never heard "Here Comes The Sun." Fung that.

Making the Connection: A Beijing girl's life in New York City. After living in the States for almost 8 years, I Try to make the connenction between my existence in NYC and my root in Beijing.

Quo Vadimus: Ground zero for agitative liberal propaganda and unintentional pontification.

Sixty Seconds: is all it takes

VIET CLUB: A place/ space for the rarest of creatures, a Vietnamese New Yorker. Hello artists, designers, musicians and everyone with an open mind and a free spirit. We hope you find fresh inspiration and bring new insight.

more blogs »

Canal Street | 16 NYCB

Complexcities: A blog devoted to understanding cities and everything in them

Danny's Heavier Things: ...that's the way this wheel keeps working now... above the city looking uptown I see the people so busy with their days to see the world around...

Danny's Heavier Things: that's just the way this wheel keeps working now...

The Heiress Diaries: Love,life and all the bullshit in between.

dates with gina: the hectic and crazy sex life of a regular girl in new york city

more blogs »

Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall | 26 NYCB

downtownbeatons: the adventures of two new yorkers

The AreaList: A high-flying guide to life in lower manhattan

edBlog: The disordered ramblings of a diseased mind.

Think Media: Thoughts, discussions, perspectives on media trends.

Diary of a Heretic: Reckless fun and wanton disregard

more blogs »

Fulton Street | 36 NYCB

Cut the Shit: The true story of a hot gay actor living, loving, and taking in all that is New York City's finest.

Slackerfreedom: because laziness pays off now Games, Movies, and Rants

Insomniac's Lounge: Random postings about me and the things I like: Programming, Soccer, beer, and the finer things in life.

NYCBros Resurrection: Movie magic, theater revelry, and insane banter gone wild - Mormon style

Em P Me >> a music blog: mp3's and commentary every Monday through Friday. All aspects of the independent music soundscape are covered.

more blogs »

Wall Street | 13 NYCB

The Daily Dump: This is what I do at work instead of work.

Neighborhood Retail Alliance: Discussion of New York City politics especially as related to small-business

Yin Yang: About an event that I have enjoyed very much and where I have met wonderful people and learned so much about cultures and so forth.

ActiveNick's Hitchhiker's Guide to NYC: A French-Canadian's journey through the Manhattan jungle, seeking love, friendship, answers and a reason to keep smiling every single day

Chris Rush Cohen: I post about IP & cyberlaw issues, tech news, and NYC. I am a law student at the Benjamin N. Carodzo School of Law (3L) in the Village.

more blogs »

Bowling Green | 9 NYCB

Diller's Car Shows: A website about classic, exotic, and hybrid cars. Publihed from the Skyscraper Museum on Battery Place.

The Red Actor: Working notes of a hard-working editor.

The Red Actor: The managing editor of the unnamed Wall Street trade rag and his daily desabafo.

Mourning In America: A New York Democrat on Politics, Journalism, and the Mets

Bush Cheney 2004: All the comings and goings from the Bush Campaign (all unofficial of course)

more blogs »

Borough Hall | 28 NYCB

Say Cheese Damn It!: a place to share, discuss and have some fun with my photographs

Brown Girl Chronicles: From Tx to Brooklyn--Ranting and Writing

listen missy: we're special in other ways

keepstumblin: random mumbling about music and stuff

brad einhorn's boring life: I write about food mostly. Cooking and eating it. Also about dogs.

more blogs »

Nevins Street | 2 NYCB

chiasm: exploring the future of politics, people, and the world, intertwining, music, &c

k-robo: Because somebody needed to blog at the shit pit I call Nevins street station.

Atlantic Avenue | 16 NYCB

Scratch Pad: A girl living in Brooklyn, getting schooled in Manhattan and learning about herself along the way.

My-Best-Shot: M Y BEST SHOT A photo every so often

NoLandGrab.org: An information portal linking all news and views on Bruce Ratner's proposal to build a 19,000-seat Nets arena and 17 skyscrapers in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

hot child in the city: A young Texas ex-pat chronicles life among the Yankees.

What Would Sixo Do?: stuff i write for friends to read.

more blogs »

Bergen Street | 40 NYCB

Creative Times: Interview, stories and images to fuel creativity and spark the imagination.

blogtastrophy: stuff i've given a lot of thought. and too much i've not given enough.

invisibleman: A group blog: illustration, drawing, photography, design, swashbuckling

Whither Laffs: Calendar and miscellany relating to comedy (my own and sometimes others)

iconoclasticverbbandit: thoughts, ramblings, and whatever lurks behind door number 2

more blogs »

Grand Army Plaza | 48 NYCB

in between days: rants, raves, reviews and the insignificant details that make life more interesting

Veg Glutton's Bursting Lunchbox: A Brooklynite eats NYC: food reviews, calendars, musings, and more

Taty's Blog: Arts, Politcs, Technology, Martial Arts with a touch of fun :)

a southern gal in the north: adventures in life, music and work of a southern gal in the north

Maggie Is Restless: More drinking, less driving.

more blogs »

Eastern Parkway - Brooklyn Museum | 28 NYCB

Smallhands_ick: The comedic stylings of a comedian.

Comedy Genius: Jackie Clarke is a writer and actor living in New York City. She has been sued by her step-mother and Eve Ensler.

trent wolbe: new music, radio, food, brooklyn beaches, photos, fun, friends, fun, radio, food, blogging, photos, music

trent wolbe: fun, radio, music, electronic music, food, friends, photos, rants abuot the mccorporation government, food, fun, friends, beaches going to the beach

frombluebox: Pagina personal y en constante evolución, de lo que pienso, de lo que me hace reír, de lo que me aburre, de lo que odio y sobre todo y con el tiempo mostrar mis trabajos artísticos. Es un hibrido entre web Log y photolog.

more blogs »

Franklin Avenue | 13 NYCB

Stranger in a Strange Land: A combination of moments from a middle school in Harlem and random thoughts from the random musings of a wandering spirit.

Generation Why?: Ruminations, Ramblings, Rants, Poetry, and Me--Matthew Charles Siegel--in NYC

The Quintessential Negro: Paul Mooney called me funny.

Kim Plaintive: A large law firm's most misunderstood receptionist.

engine: hi!

more blogs »

Nostrand Avenue | 2 NYCB

46&2: A hodgepodge of thoughts that perplex even the greatest of thinkers? Nah... Just my daily doolittles.

Teddah's Journal: my journal... it's just me. being.. well, me. it's fun.

Kingston Avenue | 5 NYCB

Justin and...!: My blog. Featuring my life, tech stuff, user suggested topics and an advice column. Enter my world, or at least our world through my eyes.

True or Better: Political rants that skew left, cultural commentary that skews all over the place. (Some stuff might be made up, but if it is, I'll warn you.)

SenojNYC: Somewhere between Kingstone Ave and Stamford, CT . . my life happens.

fern0.net my words.my thoughts.my vision: My life, uncensored

Sexual Hypertextual Vegetable: Random Scribbles

Crown Heights - Utica Avenue | 5 NYCB

orangepurplegold: A Brooklyn Chick keeps it real from hood to hood.

Just Another Girl On The IRT: Confessions of a pseudo-intellectual Brooklyn hellcat in high heels with Huxtable aspirations in a ghetto fab world.

.inf3kted: My views on stuf..my life and all the stuff that happens in it.

Bitchfest: My own personal bitchfest. Bitching about anything from my day, writers block, loves, losses, and/or the garbage truck that wakes me at 4am. There's always something to bitch about.

Just Your Ordinary Shy-Guy.: Just the usual, fly-right-pass blog. What more do ya want?

Sutter Avenue - Rutland Road | 2 NYCB

joeKnowledge: Personal stuff, talk about tech and education. I also photoblog too

what big claws you have: random snippets of my life. trying to decide if i want to be a wolf or a man.

Saratoga Avenue | 2 NYCB

planered: daily musings of a new yorker

*when bloggy met allie*: inane ramblings of a teenage girl just trying to get through it all.

Rockaway Avenue | 1 NYCB

My soul's progression: My rants, raves and life in Brooklyn.

Junius Street | 0 NYCB

Pennsylvania Avenue | 0 NYCB

Van Siclen Avenue | 0 NYCB

New Lots Avenue | 1 NYCB

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