Broadway Express / Brighton Local

57 Street | 18 NYCB

Pulp Sushi: Talking trash like it's going out of style! News, Movies, Music, Politics, Your Mom...that's right, she's here.

It Should Be Noted: Entertainment, politics, and rants.

Hot Sauce Blog: The HSB is a one stop location for reviews, news, recipes & anything else related to hot sauce and spicy foods.

Amish In The City: A comedic outlook on my life in NYC.

Snapshot Artifact: A photoblog journal of my everyday life in the city.

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Times Square - 42 Street | 49 NYCB

big fat chinese wedding: A blog to record what is supposed to be a memorable (and hopefully fun) time in my life; to share with the world the seemingly odd customs, processes, trials and whatever else, that is known to many Chinese brides (and what I believe to be especially unique to Chinese American ones); to spread any wisdom that I may gain from planning a crazy shindig; and at the very least, to vent. In other words, all the reasons why a sane person would elope.

UrbanUniverse.TV Multimedia Forum: Experience, first-hand, the hottest trends worldwide. Share multimedia thoughts, ideas and opinions on Urban life, free video uploads you can post in your blog too.

Did You Know?: An informative site with content that provides interesting facts to know, learn and/or ponder about, at a level of coverage that is extensive in all subject areas to reach a wide audience.

The Agency Blog: A fun and random view into life at an interactive agency based in Dallas with an office in Times Square.

Steeplechaser: Blogging Eddie Steeples, the actor/rapper/artist best known (so far) as OfficeMax's Rubberband Man.

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34 Street - Herald Square | 14 NYCB

While you were out...: Your secretary telling on you and the rest of the executives.

Under the Skyscraper: Comments on urban planning, architecture and city life in New York, Toronto and more.

girlspoke: girlspoke...this is no joke.

Kevin McCullough: Daily live blogging on life, pop culture, and politics on New York, the Tri-State area, and the Nation. Also heard on WMCA 570/970 AM weekdays 1-4pm.

Rampant Reviews: My personal reviews (and pictures) of eateries around the City

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14 Street - Union Square | 120 NYCB

WebMachiavelli: Just a daily jumble that is my life. Not to mention the name dropping and adventures of a bartender on the edge.

Brand Noise: A blog about brands and the evolution of advertising.

COACD: confessions of a casting director, models, gossip, gay and more

The Way Things Are: personal blog and pop culture news

girlbomb: A feminist writer volunteers at the shelter where she used to live; also reviews books, rants, dotes on her cats, and occasionally acknowledges things like global politics and reality TV.

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Canal Street | 7 NYCB

FooDoggery and Bloggery: Due to mass consumption, making local stops: sketch comedy, steak and all points in between.

slave number 847-39848-2.: Art/love/green tea.

i wonder: i think i wonder more than most normal people, but less than the really weird ones.

sitebits: Personal note/sketch-book

Mr Hipster Travels NYC blah blah blog: Keeping track of whatever band I happen to be catching tonight, along with whining, dining, and pining. Guest starring the east village and williamsburg

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DeKalb Avenue | 6 NYCB

Twenty-Something: Random Mind Vomit from yet another 20-something.

alice_in_urbanland: the adventure of a displaced texan, her skateboarding, and a few friends

Brooklyn English Underground: What we wish we had said.

us too: politics, foreign affairs, books, media, government, pop culture, et al.

noclevername: i am new to nyc. so read my excitementment about somethings and annoyance at others!

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Atlantic Avenue | 16 NYCB

Scratch Pad: A girl living in Brooklyn, getting schooled in Manhattan and learning about herself along the way.

My-Best-Shot: M Y BEST SHOT A photo every so often An information portal linking all news and views on Bruce Ratner's proposal to build a 19,000-seat Nets arena and 17 skyscrapers in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

hot child in the city: A young Texas ex-pat chronicles life among the Yankees.

What Would Sixo Do?: stuff i write for friends to read.

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7 Avenue | 60 NYCB

Park Slope Writer: A fledgling Park Slope blog on life in Brooklyn, culture, current events, immigration, law, politics, real estate and travel.

Taty's Blog: Arts, Politcs, Technology, Martial Arts with a touch of fun :)

spookypeople: Random thoughts, links, satire and mockery

Widespread Confusion: music, politics and life as a new parent.

Martin Gelin: Swedish journalist writing about pop culture, media and politics.

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Prospect Park | 10 NYCB

across the park: of, for and by prospect lefferts gardens

the size of a snail: taking a brief look at the horrors called 'my life'...

aDogBlog: A dog's life on Chickenbone Alley.

Brooklyen Year Baseball: The Brooklyn Dodgers, '51-'57; Their golden year, their Zeitgeist; the yens of baby boomers and their beloved generations; business; North Carolina's Appalachian Foothills; and other things majorily showing up on the horizon locally.

BKLN BLGGNG: Undefined, yet free form.

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Parkside Avenue | 4 NYCB

Optimism from the Hills: Thoughts, opinions, ramblings, and multiple perspectives on ideas, politics, and media.

:: Markefilm: Publicidad & Cine ::: El marketing y el diseño de las campañas publicitarias de las películas.

Captain's Blog: Captain's Blog is an obscenely abbreviated and roughly edited version of strayduck's journal that you can view on your personal computer. Topics range from non-sequitor to "other".

Quijibo: Random postings from an information junkie.

Church Avenue | 6 NYCB

CrazyStable: A house and soul under sporadic repair in Flatbush, Brooklyn. A tad bipolar--alternately bleak and inspirational.

Dan Wheeler's Happy Freaking Ray of Goddamn Sunshine: Dan Wheeler draws silly pictures of stick figures, pandas, cookies, mooses and occasionally a sunset. Sometimes that adds up to a webcomic. You decide.

Clareified: Views on Politics and Pop Culture

saltpeter: saltpeter is the catalytic agent in gunpowder and they used to harvest it from batshit

syncopatoptic: hopefully. hopefully. pictures and words! the little things in life.

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Beverley Road | 9 NYCB

YAPH: Blog: All Noise, No Signal

Renegade Lemonade: posting whatever, whenever.

gaztherat: Just my rantings on everything

Opiate Slopes: Brooklyn -- Ithaca -- Madison

Divanatrix: 20-something girl living in Flatbush and loving it.

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Cortelyou Road | 6 NYCB

A Peregrination: A Voyage to Nowhere......Art - Sailing & Politics

infinite sighs / i <3 scrabble: things about my life as a musician/student/angry (well maybe not that angry) brooklynite

This Girl's Life: The madcap adventures of one girl's life, and her journey into the Big City.

Ye Olde Plague Blogge: Stuff I want to share with the world, from an archaeology/ medieval studies major at Stony Brook. I miss Flatbush.

Pomes All Sizes: Off the tongue

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Newkirk Avenue | 11 NYCB

Too Much Wool: Knitting, quilting, blogging ... underground and in Brooklyn.

The 6th of 18: A Blk Nyc brn BK Bred Lez and somtime Nyu Art Schooler

wanton deconstruction.: Random thoughts at random intervals. [personal]

Chicken Soup For the Vegan Soul: Imagine an episode of "Wheel of Fortune" where no one bought a vowel. Imagine an episode of Jeopardy with no "Daily Double." If you have not been to Chicken Soup For the Vegan Soul, your life is a vacuous wasteland similar to these grim scenarios. Don't hold your breath. Get there today. Henry Kissinger and Barbra Streisand are watching you.

Chicken Soup for the Vegan Soul: Imagine an episode of "Wheel of Fortune" where no one bought a vowel. Imagine an episode of Jeopardy with no "Daily Double." If you have not been to Chicken Soup For the Vegan Soul, your life is a vacuous wasteland similar to these grim scenarios.

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Avenue H | 6 NYCB

Every parents worst nightmare: Daily ramblings of a Brooklyn girl going to college in Albany A typical life of a asian New Yorker in a strange simple world.

Nothing Special: Nothing Special

The Screaming Lamb: Born and raised NYer, whisked to no man's land and back. If only she can transplant her comrades too...

Chaos Theory: This thing is cool, so I decided to sign up. Read about my crappy life if you wish.

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Avenue J | 10 NYCB

Max's Journal of Stuff: My livejournal. 'Nuff said.

The Chainik Hocker: The rants, book reviews, and slightly insane political opinions of me, the Chainik Hocker.

The Chainik Hocker: The life, times, book reviews, and addled political rants of me, the Chainik Hocker.

Futtermania: A personal blog where Max rambles on about nothing noteworthy.

Chrissy's Place: My blog.

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Avenue M | 7 NYCB

So Very Special Words: The Daily or Rather Weekly Ramblings from The Life Of An Ordinary Russian Girl in Brooklyn.

Ramblings: Mostly me complaining about stupid customers at work, and other life problems.

wockerjabby: fresh out of college and back to the city at last, I'm rediscovering the joy of being a new yorker all over again.

symphony: Blogs are simply means by which to convey one's emotions to the world, often in quite subtle and hidden ways. Is this an exception? Who knows.

Brooklyn Boomer: Brooklyn Boomer Poetry

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Kings Highway | 34 NYCB

Bark-Around-the-Park: Marine Park, to be specific. Okay, so you have to take the B100 bus from the Kings Highway station to get there, but it's worth it, especially if you're a dog.

JewishHigh: We know you're bored!

Tales From The Stoop: Brooklyn born, Marine Park raised. After 27 years, a Brooklyn Tech education and many Roll-n-Roaster meals later, I left and laid my tracks in Sacramento, CA, where I blog today.

Brooklyn Local: City Directory for the borough of Brooklyn Located in New York. We welcome you to post your calendar of events -- all post are free!

my so-called blog: save the drama for your mama... or maybe for my blog...hmmm

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Avenue U | 12 NYCB

NG: New York is a new, exciting place for me. It sure beats Florida in terms of things to do and see, but the weather sucks!

Wushu Hustle: My Kung Fu Journal. The struggles and thriumphs of learning Chinese Wushu (martial arts) in New York City.

Just To The Left: Our left leaning news site showcases the sometimes absurd, sometimes humorous, and more often-than-not disturbing events of our society.

Paul Conley: A blog for those who toil in the most specialized, and perhaps the least glamorous, area in the press -- trade journalism.

bklyn's cem: I've been raised in Brooklyn, and Avenue U's been my local stop. This is my life..

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Neck Road | 6 NYCB


WhiteTrashBBQ: This is the story of a fire obsessed guy, living in Brooklyn, with a dream of producing award winning, competition busting, real Barbeque.

my life: its my life.. its now or never...

my(sara's) life: just random stuff

RonnieLand: Opinions Galore!

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Sheepshead Bay | 11 NYCB

Jewbavitcher: Wanne-be Yiddish speaker sister of Zion who loves Israel, country music, andblogging. Oh, and I'm also looking for my bashert. That's right folks--you 'll only find it here.

K. H. Ohannessian's Web Journal: A site where a young author describes the trials of tribualtions of writing fiction and the pursuit of being published.

Views from Here: Now and then daily briefs of a Brooklyn boy's views on life.

The Flaneur File: Observations of the City. | green ape: Green ape, funny stuff, come see.

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Brighton Beach | 12 NYCB

Culture Bitch: For those who have a taste in culture far exceeding their credit card limit (or rather, their $20/week budget).

From Lil Russia With Love: Life from the perspective of a young American Russian woman getting used to living. funny, sometimes

no goats here: At home

• simplicity •: a collective of RIK; featuring a whiny journal, photoblog with my own photography, and a meme i created & maintain.

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Ocean Parkway | 2 NYCB

KevorkaCRAZY: A 17 Year old teen and his photo blog

Cerca Trova: days in the life of a morbid optimist

West 8 Street - New York Aquarium | 0 NYCB

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