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F train  . . . s t e l l o u . . .: I will blind you with my grace.

F train  . . . s t e l l o u . . .: I will blind you with my grace.

7 train  . : . m i n u t i a e . : .: a cheeky little blog about everything and nothing.

7 train  . Jack: Confessions of a dazed New Yorker.

7 train  ... But Enough About Me: Mostly stories and sketches of things, occurences and other people. As little about myself as possible, apart from what's obviously unavoidable.

6 train  ...And Also There Is A Blog!!!: The official blog of Giant Tuesday Night Of Amazing Inventions And Also There Is A Game!!!

6 train  ...and then I says, I says...: Outbursts, political and impolitic.

Q train cigar: The quiet desperation of a NYC comic book editor and actor.

F train  ...See what had happened was...: Think Sex and the City - Puerto Rican style -

G train  ..e.l...J.a.c.e.k...d.o.t...I.n.f.o..: a slightly skewed site devoted to whatever, whenever and however... with ...whoever oh yeah, and also has transcendental life teachings n shit

D train  .::. aNgeLs foRbIddEn ReLm .::.: About me, my everyday life, my online life, my college life, and everything in between. I'm the anime fanatic.

D train  .::Abstract Divine::.: take a look and gaze into my abstract, ambiguous, nuerotic, strange, peculiar, yet refreshingly eclectic and unpredicitable world.

1 train  .::Behind Bars::.: Bartender/Author, Ty Wenzel's Weekly tirade on life, writing and booze.

Z train ~a hopeless romantic new york city girlie~

2 train  .:ver 2.2:. ______________ thoughts are more than what you think: deep poetic brother, disciple, sentimental

1 train  .inf3kted: My views on life and all the stuff that happens in it.

F train  .ink splatter.: right here.

R train  //openedSource: Art, politics, culture, photography, video games, and other things that matter.

SIR train  /~joseph: A SI teen with way too much free time on his hand...

R train  /Slant Point.: Republican Politi-speak. Shocking only in its rarity in this city.

L train  : better living through chemistry :: a summer in the life of a jaded brooklyn girl and her pursuit to remain intoxicated and under 25.

1 train  :: Blog 1.5 :: Witold Riedel :: NYC ::: Random daily thoughts, comments, photographs, drawings. A personal blog.

A train  :: c h r o n o p o l i s | NEW YORK ::: art, architecture, design, technology, & life. in manhattan.

Q train  :: Markefilm: Publicidad & Cine ::: El marketing y el diseño de las campañas publicitarias de las películas.

R train  :: mind collage ::: Exploring pop-culture, creativity, + the many interests of a short-attention-spanned individual.

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