Our Policies
What This Is
Nycbloggers.com is a noncommercial site that is dedicated to bringing together bloggers in, of, and from New York City. Mike, Liz & Matt have put this together as a service to the blogging community. Any money that comes from the site (from merchandise sales, donations, or whatever) are used to defray the costs of keeping this site going (server costs, etc.)

Our Criteria
To be included in nycbloggers, your site must be a non-commercial blog, and you must be a New Yorker. We use our own judgment on deciding which sites meet these criteria.

"Non-commercial" does NOT mean that a commerical entity's blog (like a band) or that a blog that is part of a commercial site (like a magazine) is automatically disqualified. But if the blog itself is trying to sell you something, then it's out.

"Blog" is a weblog, online journal, or site that's regularly updated. To paraphrase Justice Potter Stewart, we may not be able to define blogness, but we know it when we see it.

If you have to ask whether you qualify as a New Yorker, you're probably not. Obviously, if you live or work in the five boroughs, you qualify. If you're an ex-pat (you're from New York but live elsewhere now), you qualify.

We check each site to see if you qualify as a nycblogger — if we're unsure, you may get a friendly email from one of us asking for clarification.

In the end, it's our call. Inclusion in nycbloggers.com is solely at the whim and discretion of the site's founders. You can be rejected or removed at any time for any reason. Such is the massive power we wield.

Listing Your Site
In general, each person's blog is listed at one stop. (You choose one train line, but the database will take care of listing you on every line that goes through that stop, so there's no need to submit your blog multiple times.) There are two exceptions:
  1. A "group blog," that is, one at which multiple people may post directly to the blog. If more than one of these direct posters are New Yorkers, the blog can be listed at multiple stops.
  2. An individual who runs more than one blog can have more than one listing. Each of these blogs should have its own URL and substantially different content. For clarity's sake, we ask that you list these blogs at the same stop.

We ask for your email when you sign up, and also on our mailing list sign-up page. You may opt out of our mailing list at any time. (Send us an email and we'll remove you.) If you sign up to be listed on nycbloggers.com, but elect not to be included on our mailing list, you will receive one email from us that notifies you that you've been listed, and then you'll never hear from us again.

We collect emails for administrative purposes only. We will never never never sell your email, or give it out to anyone, or post it anywhere. The mailing list will be used to inform our members of site improvements and news. We will not use it to market anything to you. We hate spam.

The Large Print Giveth, The Small Print Taketh Away
Nycbloggers.com is an indexing service. We take no responsibility for the content of any of the sites listed here. A listing in nycbloggers.com does not imply any endorsement of that site's opinions, statements, contents, images, language, advice, layout, legibility, typography, recipes, grammar, coding, fashion sense, etc. Although we have visited every site before listing it, we cannot subsequently guarantee anything about your experience once you click the link to that site.

The NYC Resources page is provided solely as a guide. We take no reponsiblity for the quality of the information, services, or content of the resources listed on that page.

You should also be aware that listing yourself on nycbloggers.com may reveal information about your physical location. We cannot be held responsible for anything that happens because you revealed that information. Please be aware that the more personal information you reveal through your blog (your name, picture, etc.) the more risk there is that someone might take advantage of that information. Be careful, folks.

We hold the copyright to the content, design, and coding of this site. So don't steal it. If you're interested in doing something similar in your own city, please contact us. We can help.

If you have questions about our policies, please email us. We'll do our best to clarify.

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